April Update: New Exodus, the Art of Letting Go, Other Distractions

Hello. This entire month has been a flurry. A lot to discuss, I suppose.  I tried to figure out how to word this well and came up with something a week or so ago without trying to get overly political or anything. I came up with something, then I wondered if there was a better [...]

Cruel, Poetic and Blind: A Response to Matt Reeves’ The Batman

Here’s a question for you: what makes Matt Reeves the best director for this film? What about the dark and brooding, tactile nature of Reeves’ previous films, both the Planet of the Apes entries as well as Let Me In (a 2010 remake of the 2008 Swedish horror film Let the Right One In) makes him a proper storyteller for the Batman? [...]

February Update: Quiet Lightning, The Bangalore Review and Attempts at Essays

It is the month of love. Supposedly. Actually, it's been chaotic even though on the surface it doesn't seem like it. This year for Valentine's Day my dad is getting married and I get to be his best man. It's an honor, but with such a strict work schedule trying to get the time to [...]

Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair: A Brief Response to The Tragedy of Macbeth

When it comes to the works of Shakespeare, I cannot help but bare a small resilience towards Macbeth, so please take this with a grain of salt. My favorite depiction of Macbeth is a samurai film, so I can hardly say that I have incredible standards for this particular piece like I do with Hamlet, with A Midsummer Night’s Dream, [...]

Are You Guys Having a Killer Time: The Endurance of Napoleon Dynamite

It is 2006 and you are a pre-teen, a basic member of society, a cog in the machine, a specter amongst your peers. You go to school, you indulge in simple crafts on your downtime, and the best thing that could happen to you on any given day is if you could just take out [...]

Trying to Do Better: How No Way Home (kind of) Redeems the MCU Spider-man Trilogy

Growing up, the only thing I ever wanted to be was a superhero. My idea of connecting with other kids at school in third and fourth grade was to eat, sleep, breathe Spider-man and everything affiliated with the character; the comics, the videogames, the awe-inspiring first real film adaptation from Sam Raimi in 2002. It [...]

No Escape

1:1What do you know about hell, dear reader? What do you imagine it to be like? Is it garnished in obsidian halls of brimstone and flame; lakes of fire and blood awaiting undead souls into its endlessly gaping aperture of dark matter, with hovering demons and cerberus worms rounding the smoke-filled spaces of each chamber? [...]

The Price of Laughter

Every summer a traveling carnival would stake itself outside of our town. Nobody liked the carnival. Of course, nobody really did anything to try and get rid of the carnival either; it wasn’t hurting anyone and as far as anybody knew, there wasn’t some kind of holy obligation to go to the carnival. Besides, admission [...]

The September Update: My Heart is a Chainsaw, The Green Knight, October is Near

Yesterday was H. G. Wells' birthday. For those who don't know me personally, Wells along with Verne are my two all-time favorite authors, which isn't saying too much because I have a pantheon of all-time favorites including Faulkner, Shelley (Mary), Millhauser, Tate, Dickinson, Yeats and the like but Wells has always been a huge influence [...]