Together in Eternity: Don’t Fear the Reaper, the Problematic Middle Child

Horror fiction is a peculiar breed of literature; once a genre that required simply to evoke dread and suspense in the reader, now has simply been pared down to gruesome imagery and meta-idealism. Do not mistake me: I love gruesome imagery. I have no need for a trigger warning. But when was the last time [...]

Whispers in Darkness: Reflecting on Skinamarink

When I was a kid, there was a time when my parents and I would go to the cabin every weekend. My parents would come home from work around six or seven at night and we would pack our stuff into the car and then we would drive two and a half hours to get [...]

Nine Fingers is the Epitome of Mental: Martin McDonagh’s The Banshees of Inisherin

A coworker of mine mentions something about reading the new George R. R. Martin book because it's a time killer. Because it's long and it has dragons in it. "I normally wouldn’t," she says, "but it's definitely a saving grace from the threat of nuclear war that's been haunting me these past few months." She [...]

Your Mother Will Be Waiting

She had been sleeping in the cot when the messenger had appeared before her doorstep. He was somewhat taken aback by the old woman’s disheveled appearance, but decided to be patient as she read the letter to herself. A fire convulsed from within her and shot through her loins as she scavenged the dust-ridden cupboards [...]

Little Pieces of My Own

On previous excursions, we used to take a cab from the airport to the hustle and bustle of East Side but seeing as how the fare typically ran around a hundred quid for a one-way trip, we decided to try out the twenty-minute express train that ran from Terminal 2 to Paddington Station. It was [...]

One Ticket, Every Time

At least, for most cases. After all, they weren't exactly as enthralling as they should be. Most of the time, you would find one at the carnival during summer with the sun blasting on the repainted surface of the cars and tracks, the scent of the oil rising with the heat, the way the acrylic [...]

Somebody Wake Up Billy Joe Armstrong: An Update in the Form of a Rant, An Epiphany and a List of Books Read Over Summer

Okay, maybe it's a little too soon be doing that, but September is almost near its end, which means that an update is in order. First, a Rant I originally titled this as July Update, which tells you how far behind I am on things. To start things off, here’s a rant: Everybody that knows me [...]

Six Bullets for David Leitch’s Bullet Train (2022)

One. The book. Not to be confused by Junya Sato’s 1976 film The Bullet Train, which is similar in nature but is more a precursor to the film Speed (1994), this film is based on the novel by Japanese mystery writer, Kōtarō Isaka, who was able to publish the novel in 2010 under the title Maria Beetle. It tells a [...]

What’s a Bad Miracle: The Triumph of Jordan Peele’s Nope (2022)

Much like how M. Night Shyamalan was referred to as the next Spielberg by Newsweek magazine, after the release of his 2002 film Signs (I refer to this in my Signs review, please read it here), so too could one draw the same conclusion about Jordan Peele’s latest directorial venture, Nope (2022), though one has to wonder when we are [...]

Fast Enough, Interlude: Andy Muschietti’s The Flash is Dead on Arrival

Sometime earlier last month I kind of came to a sad realization. A realization that I thought I’d never come to, but… I. We Need to Talk About EzraHere’s the deal: a film adaptation for The Flash has been in development for so long that, quite frankly, it predates the CW show. Ironically, the idea [...]